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Threading Products

TANOI products increase the productivity of our customers by offering high performance threading tools that make optimal use of existing machinery.


To achieve this TANOI focuses on 3 key points:


  1. Multi Function Products

    This product range combines several operations that until today had to be done individually into a multi-function tool that integrates these processes into one single operation.
    • Multi Function Taps allow tapping into pre-cast holes integrating the operations of drilling, tapping and reaming into one single tool.
      This product has proven its efficency in the die cast industry making parts for automobiles, motor housings, and many other die cast parts.
    • SL-Taflets offer the strength and rigidity of forming taps in combination with the removal of the typical double rim thread crests.
      This product has performed extremely well in all sectors where the typical crests of formed threads are not acceptable such as hydraulica, pneumatic, medical, food processing and many more.

  2. Minature taps

    The miniature forming tap range starting from sizes of S0.5 (0.5 mm) is designed to reach high forming speeds while reducing burrs at the entry and exit of the drill holes. Their unique chamfer section has made them the optimal tool for IT parts such as had disk housings, mobile telephones, watches, optic equipment and any type of mirco machining.

  3. High Speed tapping

    TANOI has developped tapping solutions that work at extremely high operating speeds to shorten process time, increase machine out put and thus reducing the cost of the tapping operation to a minimum. Chose the optimal tool for your machining operation from TANOI's wide selection of forming and cutting taps. If you need help we will be glad to assist you in selection the tool suiting you best.
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