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Forming clean threads and with flat crests, no typical cavities, and no burrs.

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Technical Features

  • Ø SL-Taflet forming taps feature a unique combination of thread forming and removing the seams typical for thread forming.
  • Ø After forming the threads SL-Taflet’s side mill cuts the crests of the formed thread thus partially or fully removing the two seams created during the forming process.
  • Compared to conventional forming taps the forming torque is reduced by approximately 20%

Advantages in Production

  • By removing the seams on the thread a smooth thread crest is created.

  • The internal thread diameter is constant according to the diameter of the side mill. This process also achieves an improved concentricity of the hole and the thread.

  • Since the seams are removed plating or other fluids can not remain between the seams thus avoiding rust or other problems.

  • No burrs or chips from the thread seams remain in the thread making it safe for applications in the hydraulic or medical fields.

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