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MLT Taps - True Multi-Function in Tapping

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Technical Features

  • MLT Taps are designed for working die cast parts such as motor housings, carburator housings, and the like.
  • They combine three functions into one single operation:

    1. Removing the cast surface from the die cast hole
    2.  Tapping the thread
    3. Trimming the minor diameter of the thread to the required
  • To achieve this the cutting section of the MLT tap has been combined with a special drilling/milling face and a side reamer.
  • MLT Taps can be used in blind holes and through holes. In through holes with thin film bottoms, these bottoms are removed by MLT taps creating a clean, burr less exit of the hole
  • From size M6 on MLT Taps are designed with internal cooling.

Advantages in Production

  • The operations, drilling, chamfering, tapping and deburring are combined into one tool. This reduces production time, tool cost and reduces overall production cost.
  • The combination of drill/mill and tap creates best cutting conditions for the
    tapping process and avoids problems with cast surfaces since these are completely removed.
  • Because the hole is created in one operation with the tapping deformations and location errors in molded holes are corrected in the process.
  • The side mill reduces the thread crests to the required internal diameter of the thread.
    This guarantees a perfect concentricity of the hole and the thread.

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