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Miniature threads with smooth surfaces and no entry/exit burrs.

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Technical Features

  • IT-Taflet forming taps have a unique chamfer section with reduced full profile threads.

  • Unlike common forming taps the pitch between all chamfer threads is constant. All threads have a symmetric profile. These features eliminate axial forces on the work piece.

  • The thread root is designed to create a rounded thread crest on the formed thread.

Advantages in Production

  • Tool life is dramatically increased because of the reduces forming torque
  • Burrs at the entry and exit of holes are nearly completely avoided due to the largely reduced axial forces. Therefore chamfering before or reworking after tapping is not necessary.
  • IT-Taflet may be used on thin work pieces as well as very small threads down to S0.5 due to the low torque generated. 

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